[Netrunner] Swiss Sandbox Training for Continentals, Start: 12:00 on Monday, July 26th.

Simone Sonderegger c-moon at gmx.ch
Thu Jul 22 21:52:30 CEST 2021

Dear Netrunner,

Another week, another possibility to participate in a swiss netrunner tournament. I know, it is holiday time, and maybe some of you are not around, or outside doing sports or meeting people. I still wanted to propose this opportunity for another casual tournament. i have a feeling that the rainy days are not over yet and i would still enjoy to play one or two games with you. so feel free to join me! I will let it take place if we are at least 4 people...

And: Continentals (online) are coming up. I am not sure myself if i will be able to participate, but i thought: this asynchronous, casual format might prove a good choice to get into standard because a) it is still somewhat difficult and uncertain to organize a physical meetup (safety first) and b) i don’t know about you, but i have mostly played startup so far, so i would appreciate the chance to test some standard decks in a tournament-like structure.

without further ado:
I would like to start next Monday, the 26th of July. And i appreciated every person who wants to join!

If you need to more, ask me. 
Or you’ll find more information here:
or here:

# Swiss Sandbox Training for Continentals 

For the Swiss Netrunner Meta and friends

Official start: 12:00 on Monday, July 26th. 
Format: 3-4 Swiss rounds (weeks) depending on attendance numbers.
It takes place with at least 4 players (free for all)

## Format 

This Tournament will be Standard, so consult the current Standard Ban List: [Supported Formats on Nisei](https://nisei.net/players/supported-formats)

## Registration

**This tournament is open for inexperienced and experienced player alike.** 
It is meant as a casual event to familiarize yourself with the game, get to know the Standard Format and also to get in touch with the community again. And having fun of course. And for those a bit more ambitious: get an idea what you want to play at Continentals. 

* Registrations are open and close 2 hours before the event begins. 
* The pairings for this event will be posted in the Swiss Discord Channel (Ask for an invite). Pairings are also found on [Cobr.ai](http://cobr.ai/tournaments/2099)
* Rounds will be played at a rate of 1 per week, with pairings posted 12:00 each Monday, starting July 26th.
* Find your opponent (on Discord or contact the TO)
* If you have found your Opponent agree on a date and time and play your games (1 Corp, 1 Runner). Report your scores (on Discord directly to TO) until the following Wednesday 10am


## Decklists 
not required. Players are able to swap decks between rounds. This means you are able to play different decks / different ID’s entirely each round, make minor tweaks but play mostly the same decks, or play unchanged lists the whole way through. As for the deck changes, you don't need to communicate them, just use B.R.A.W.L:

Be Reasonable And, Well, Legal

## Other information


Always be organizing,

Your TO,
metA aka Simone

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