[Netrunner] New Cards, a new event, a new hope ;-)

Simone Sonderegger c-moon at gmx.ch
Tue Mar 16 19:28:01 CET 2021

Dear Netrunner,
The Hype train is leaving soon or already on its way! New Cards, new events, a new hope ;-)

First some information for those who haven’t been following that closely what NISEI is doing: System Gateway is NISEI's new entry-level product. It consists of two parts: the starter decks and the deck building pack. It is in the end just normal set with 3x of each card, but the division was made in order to offer complete beginners a low cost and easy way to (re)enter the game. These are entry-level decks with a neutral 30 card runner and a neutral 34 card corp, which can be expanded in a second stage to a 40 card runner and 44 card corp, which can be played against each other (as duel decks, if you don’t want to get in any further). For us "veterans" this means: If you buy Starter Decks + Deckbuilding Pack, you get 3x of all new standard legal cards. That is actually the most important thing.

—> In the last e-mail, Luke offered us the opportunity to coordinate the order from Switzerland, so take your chance and seize the day ;-)

Second, The Hype is not only having those cards, but making use of the new possibilities: A tournament to test the cards, of course! The good thing that can be said about online tournaments is, that the cards will already be available online after release. So, starting April 12th, we will have an asynchronous tournament in the new Start-up format. Short info: 1 Round a week, about 3 to 4 rounds (weeks), with the possibility to change decks in between rounds. And I absolutely encourage any beginners to take part. This is a casual event. And I offer my help if you have difficulties to find out the right information or to choose a deck. Here is the extensive Information for this tournament:

https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2916/sagt-swiss-asynchronous-gateway-tournament <https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2916/sagt-swiss-asynchronous-gateway-tournament>

Are you in? I surely hope so. As long as you keep running, I’ll keep organizing ;-)

Your TO,
Simone aka metA
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